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Global Tech LED is a LED lighting solution manufacturing company specializing in LED retrofit kits and new fixtures for commercial and industrial lighting applications.  We have been in business since 2008 and have grown tremendously in the past several years. Our success is attributed to sound business practices and community awareness, as well as our loyalty to our national and international rep firms and distributors.

In 2011, Global Tech LED launched the Solstice line of LED modules after over a year of R&D testing and refinement. Our founders come from a Lighting background that spans a total of 50 years of combined experience in the Lighting field. Gary Mart, Jr. the CEO originally began as a small lighting supplier for local government and community property owners in the Naples Florida area, and quickly grew to become a successful distributor as a result of quality of service coupled with the increased needs of the growing industry that allowed his small privately owned company to prosper. Jeffrey Newman, President began his lighting career in New York City after training in lighting design with General Electric. He worked for both distributers and utilities in the demand side management field for over 25 years before relocating to Florida to form Global Tech LED with Gary Mart, Jr. Over the next three years they have expanded Global Tech LED into a multi-million dollar LED enterprise using innovative inventions and concepts in lighting systems, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Hard work and dedication to excellence allowed us to become one of the most reputable LED suppliers in the industry. We are growing rapidly and have since relocated out of our first offices in Naples Florida to our new global headquarters in Bonita Springs Florida, becoming an international lighting industrialist and a major government supplier. We assemble our products in the USA for the USA market and for most of our international markets. Recently, we have started branching out to manufacture products in key international markets including India and Brazil for sale to those countries in particular. We are proud to be manufacturing our products in the USA for the USA and most other countries and have no plans to change this business model.

Committed to our goal of giving back to the community Global Tech LED provides local charities and schools for handicapped children with funding. Field operations include deployment with specialty lighting in military applications, Solar street lighting, and improvements for universities, schools, shopping centers and upgrades for hundreds of other institutions.

Offering hundreds of LED Retrofit Kits and Fixtures, we are committed to providing an unparalleled standard of excellence backed by our 10 year Guarantee including a selection of high quality products at the most affordable prices. Ensuring our customers’ satisfaction is the most significant measure of our success and our strongest resource for continued growth. We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience in all that we do.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Bonita Springs, Florida.
Our customer service department is available 8:30am – 4:30pm (EST) Monday – Friday, excluding all major holidays.