Global Tech LED Lights Up Tampa International Airport

Global Tech LED provides garage lighting for the Tampa International Airport. Increasing light output and reducing energy use through innovative Made In The USA Solstice LED products. For more photos and information visit:

Tampa International Airport officials began the process of updating the Master Plan for the airport’s 3,300-acre campus. The final plan, approved in 2013, outlines three phases of expansion to accommodate 35 million passengers each year, more than double the current number of annual passengers. The $953 million project is expected to create or save nearly 9,000 construction-related jobs.

Global Tech LED was chosen to provide it’s revolutionary Solstice product to illuminate various parking deck locations. Airports present a unique combination of issues for parking garage lighting. Security, wayfinding, retail issues, and usability are all considerations in airport garage lighting design. Currently, there is increased pressure to reduce costs and environmental impacts; these issues now have a greater weight than they used to.

Airport garages require additional design considerations beyond those of other garage types. Airport garage user's conduct activities atypical in other garage types, such as renting vehicles. The users might be unfamiliar with the garage layout, because as locals they do not travel often, or because they are visitors to the area, and they may be unfamiliar with the vehicle they are driving.

They also might be anxious about beginning or ending a trip. Airport garage lighting can help unfamiliar and possibly anxious airport patrons better navigate the airport by improving illumination in rental areas, walkways, overhead signs, pay stations, elevators, and other important areas.

Using lighting to aid wayfinding increases patron comfort. Additionally, a well-designed lighting system will increase the chances that pedestrians and vehicles will travel in predictable ways, increasing overall safety.