LED vs HID Sports Lighters

LED Sports lighting

New video from Global Tech LED shows impressive upgrade in lighting when switching to LED sports lighting on a football field.

Global Tech LED, a leader in USA made LED sports lighting, released an impressive video showing the difference that can be seen when switching to LED sports lighters on a football field.

In this video, a high school in Florida switches from HID lighting to LED using Global Tech LED's new sports lighting fixtures. The difference is astounding. Where there was a lack of adequate lighting, there is now a flood of high quality LED light. Dark spots have completely disappeared because of the new ultra-high lighting conformity.

The color rendering of the LED lights is brilliant. Many LED solutions leave colors looking dull due to their low color rendering index. Not the Global Tech LED fixtures, colors have depth and pop! They also give the added benefit of custom optical lensing. This not only help to create the super smooth lighting conformity across the field but also keeps light from spilling off the field into neighboring areas.

Added benefits of the Global Tech LED sports lighters, beyond the high quality lighting, include UHD broadcast certified, 10 year warranty, Instant on and Instant Off Technology, high energy savings, and most of all insanely low maintenance costs (which are usually the most expensive part of running sports lighting). 

For more information on Global Tech LED's brilliant LED sports lighters or any other high output lighting solution, visit www.globaltechled.com or call (877)748-5533.

Source: Global Tech LED


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