University of Missouri Aquatics Center Converts to LED Lighting With Brilliant Results

LED conversion University of Missouri

Mizzou Aquatics Center increased light level by almost 5X while saving over 52% on energy cost using Global Tech LED retrofits in their existing fixtures.

On February 20th 2016, the Mizzou men’s and women’s swimming and diving team were both in the final standings at the 2016 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships. An impressive showing, and as hosts the University of Missouri also showed the NCAA conference what a world class lighting upgrade can do for your facility. The original 1000W direct indirect perimeter metal halide system was replaced in 2015 with Global Tech LED’s customized 4X plate one for one. Prior to conversion the light levels at night were inadequate for televised events. The lighting was not uniform at night and the foot candles increased from the 20s to over 95 making it one of the best illuminated aquatics centers in their conference if not the NCAA! The energy load was reduced over 52% and the LED system included optics to optimize distribution and created a visually comfortable venue. The original system utilized glass lenses which can also pose a hazard in any pool environment. SSLtg and Crescent Electric Supply worked with Mizzou to create and implement the LED upgrade solution re using their existing luminaires. The team produced mock up inserts to confirm performance over a 12 month period and produced several photometric studies. The final results are incredible, the staff and teams that use the facility are ecstatic.

"Global Tech LED retrofit kits are made in America with a great warranty. The LED conversion solved many issues from esthetics to maintenance. Sports teams and facilities management alike are ecstatic about the results."

Tim Lamberth, Principal - SSLtg Lighting Representatives

Source: SSLtg Lighting Representatives


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