USA Made LED Troffer Line Announced by Global Tech LED

2x4 Mesh Switchit LED Troffer

The new architectural troffer line features high output ballast compatible Switchit LED tubes offering wattages from 30W-240W per fixture.

Global Tech LED, a world leading manufacturer of USA made high output LED retrofit kits and LED fixtures, announced today that they have released a brand new high output LED troffer line that features their state of the art Switchit LED T8 replacement Lamps. The new line includes 4 architectural troffers ranging in size from 1x4 to 2x4 troffers featuring from one to four lamps, respectively. Also featured in the line is a high output linear high bay featuring eight 30W LED tubes for both general and horticultural purposes, making this fixture one of the highest output LED troffers on the market. All Switchit LED troffers come with a Made in America 7 year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000+ hours.

The new Switchit LED troffer line features the state-of-the-art Switchit LED T8 replacement lamps. These lamps are DLC listed, and feature smart technology such as bi-level output and ballast sensing- adjusting to the desired light output based on the fluorescent ballast factor. The bi-level technology allows the lamp to operate in either normal or high output modes. High output mode delivers the equivalent light of 2 standard fluorescent tubes.

The Switchit line is brilliantly engineered and absolutely beautiful in design. Most importantly, with the plug-n-play LED tubes they will not be outdated or hard to service years from now, as will the LED panels that are all the fad right now. You really can't beat the quality of LED products Made in the USA.

John Burns, Marketing Manager

The Switchit troffer line is based on traditional style troffers containing tombstones and tube style LED lamps. This is a benefit as new technology is constantly being created, and is upgradeable as technology improves. Unlike the new panel style led troffers, in 7-10 years the switchit troffers will still be in good working order and upgradable. Switchit troffers are also maintainable, if in the unlikely event that a tube stops working a new tube can be quickly and easily installed in its place. In addition, Global Tech LED has no proprietary connections in the troffer meaning any compatible product can be installed in the troffer in the future. This brilliant design means the end user will get the most out of their investment and make future upgrades much more cost effective.

Global Tech LED continues to lead the marketplace in new innovative LED lighting technology. For more information on the Switchit LED troffers or any other Global Tech LED product visit

Source: Global Tech LED


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